Blogs from January 2014

Strategies for expanding your business

So you’re thinking about expanding your business. Congratulations! That means you’re doing well enough to consider tackling new challenges and opportunities. It is important to make well-informed strategic decisions at this stage before you take such a big step. Ask yourself: Are your business processes streamlined for expansion? Look at how your customers’ needs have… – read more

2014 Prediction – Image-Centric Sites Will Continue To Rise

Instagram, Pinterest and probably many more sites will come about in 2014 that are based around images. While text is not dead, you need to think of ways to incorporate images into your mobile and web strategy that compliment your written context. So if you are looking to make the switch to a mobile site if you… – read more

The Mobile Web

The vast majority of adults own a cell phone. Strike that, the vast majority of the population has a cell phone. And if they don’t have one, they sure know how to use one. Babies aren’t excluded either. We all know that babies aren’t using smartphones and tablets to talk (they don’t even know how… – read more

Business confidence is at a 20 year high

Business confidence is at a 20 year high with firms of all shapes and sizes feeling optimistic about the year ahead with plans to recruit more staff and make investments in their operations. That rosy picture comes from Lloyds Bank, which found business confidence at the highest level since January 1994, with expectations that the first… – read more