Blogs from February 2014

What’s old but new and black all over?

Okay, actually this isn’t the start of a particularly poor pun. Rather a return to pinhole photography has been launched by a nostalgic enthusiast who is literally breaking the mould by using 3D printers to produce the cameras. The project was launched late last year using the crowd-funding programme Kickstarter to provide the capital, thundering… – read more

Poor performance is a defect

Reports last week suggest that many large companies, including banks, are being forced to retrain young IT graduates in the ways of the Mainframe. As older system administrators retire, younger staff members do not have the skills to run the systems at the core of the business. Problems have been mounting over the last few… – read more

Your World

How do you look at the world? More importantly, how do your customers look at the world? In this era of fast change and digital social revolution, are you thinking how they’re thinking? The Mercator projection map (below right) created in 1569, is probably the most used worldwide. It became the standard for ocean navigation… – read more

Give ’em Hell

Still using that old, out-of-date software that doesn’t really cover your needs? You intended to replace it, but the old one still works so it’s just not a priority; and now with things the way they are, it’s looking like it’ll happen when Hell freezes over. Well now it has: the town of Hell, Michigan… – read more