Blogs from March 2014

Meet Brad. He’s addicted to making toast. And he’s a toaster.

Brad is a social experiment in device connectivity, and is the the idea of Italian designer, Simone Rebaudengo. Or to put it in simple terms, Brad is a toaster connected to the internet, other toasters and has a twitter account. Brad also really, really likes making toast. He’ll tweet about how often you use him,… – read more

Technological advances in the “Customer Journey”

Consumers are fast engaging with technological advances, with British smartphone use expected to be at 65.8% by 2017 (eMarketer). Many executives in retail are expecting customers to increasingly use them to engage with the ‘customer journey’ at retailers, by integrating activities such as searching, locating, scanning, couponing and even paying using their mobile device. A… – read more

Anniversary of the Web

Today, the world wide web will turn 25. Yes, 25 years old!. It is the anniversary of the day its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, with a small group of helpers wrote the software and designed the protocols needed to implement the idea. He then launched it on the world by putting it on the Cern… – read more

Are you in the driving seat?

Rinspeed, better known for its amazing Bond-esque underwater car, have put together a prototype for the Geneva Motor Show that outlines how driverless cars might work for the occupants, rather than focusing on the autonomous driving technology. ‘I wanted to put the passenger at the centre of what is possible’, said Rinspeed’s CEO, Frank Rinderknecht…. – read more