Blogs from July 2014

The Internet of Things

The UK government is beginning to step up its game when it comes to the IoT. A new Digital Government Review – Digital Britain 2015 – plans to look at how technology can improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of Britain and people-powered public services. The IoT is the idea that objects all around us… – read more

Turn your back office into a profit centre

Have you considered adding a new dimension to your business to improve your profits? The cutting edge technology of 3D printing, which has been hitting the radar of various industry sectors:- retail, food, healthcare, and also manufacturing – highlights the fact that understanding your end-to-end back office processes and manufacturing capabilities are not simply isolated… – read more

Keeping things simple

Check out the technology sector (page 34) of July’s issue of Transport Monthly to learn how Triangle Software has helped two of their clients, National Transport Breakdown Services and the Service Metals Group. Triangle Software has been developing software to help businesses enhance their working processes since its formation in 1992. With ever changing technological… – read more