Meet our newest member of the team

Meet our latest team member, Kerry Gittings. She joins Triangle Software – who have been developing bespoke software to enhance business processes since 1992. Our HQ opened in Macclesfield, Cheshire over 23 years ago, and Triangle has now recently opened a sales office in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, enabling us to offer an even greater level of support… – read more

8 reasons for choosing bespoke software

Bespoke Software is not always the cheapest option, but it can potentially provide you with major business and commercial benefits. It can transform your business, represent good value for money, and allow you to gain significant competitive advantage. Here are our top 8 reasons for going “Bespoke” It is much more flexible and efficient than off-the-shelf… – read more

Is your office drowning in paperwork?

How do you increase staff productivity with automated  bespoke mobile software? Here at Triangle Software, we build web and mobile apps that automate your business, saving you valuable time and money. Most organisations look to improve one or more aspects of their workflow, to increase productivity, flexibility and enable change in order to remain dynamic… – read more

M2M – Machine to Machine Technology

Vodaphone revealed yesterday that it’s 5G network is geared towards supporting Machine to Machine (M2M) technology. They stated that their vision “is to connect every machine which is out there”. (M2M refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices at the same time). If you consider cloud research… – read more

Is Google planning to kill the spacebar…?

Google is proposing a hybrid contraption that integrates the spacebar with the trackpad on a laptop, or on a tablet keyboard. Essentially, the trackpad would extend into the space where the spacebar would usually be, and “a top portion of the trackpad may be profiled to simulate a shape of the spacebar” One or more… – read more