UK Tech firms will grow four times faster than GDP this year.

A Fast Growth Tech Survey, recently published by Barclays, reveals the optimism and drive of the UK’s tech sector. As organisations focus on driving business efficiency and identifying technology strategies that help to cut costs and improve efficiencies, they are investing in the communication tools and IT services that enable these outcomes. It is important… – read more

4 benefits of bespoke software for your business

Trying to keep up to date with your business services?. With software constantly improving and evolving, your customers may be moving quicker than you. Bespoke software can provide unique benefits to businesses, as it can project your precise vision of your service offering , and help you to expand and improve. Efficiency – your software… – read more

Smart devices being used nearly 9 hours a day

Tech activity overtakes sleeping. Britons are spending more time on screens than they do sleeping, according to an annual report on communication habits by the industry watchdog, Ofcom. Ofcom said that over 50% of the average waking day is spent on media or communication activity – more than is spent on sleep, with UK young adults spend an… – read more

The Internet of Things

The UK government is beginning to step up its game when it comes to the IoT. A new Digital Government Review – Digital Britain 2015 – plans to look at how technology can improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of Britain and people-powered public services. The IoT is the idea that objects all around us… – read more

Turn your back office into a profit centre

Have you considered adding a new dimension to your business to improve your profits? The cutting edge technology of 3D printing, which has been hitting the radar of various industry sectors:- retail, food, healthcare, and also manufacturing – highlights the fact that understanding your end-to-end back office processes and manufacturing capabilities are not simply isolated… – read more