Keeping things simple

Check out the technology sector (page 34) of July’s issue of Transport Monthly to learn how Triangle Software has helped two of their clients, National Transport Breakdown Services and the Service Metals Group. Triangle Software has been developing software to help businesses enhance their working processes since its formation in 1992. With ever changing technological… – read more

Supermarkets must accept ‘brutal reality’ of change

With supermarkets under attack from discounters – the pressure to adapt to changes in their market is paramount. Dalton Philips, chief executive of the struggling Morrisons chain has that warned that big grocery retailers must face the challenge of discounters head on. He also pointed to one-time big corporate names like Kodak and Nokia, whose… – read more

Are you ditching

Britain is getting a new national web address of ‘.uk’ from today in what is being described as the biggest shake-up in the internet for 30 years. Typing can be such a hassle sometimes, so we can now thank the internet infrastructure gods for the arrival of the .uk web domain. The change means… – read more

Stand Up for Change – Custom Built Systems that fit your business

We’re often asked to stand up for things we want or believe in, but what if we were asked to stand up for our health: literally. Medical research has slowly been coming to the conclusion that our culture of sitting at desks could well be harming our health, with potentially increased risks of diabetes, heart… – read more

Effective Software Solutions Under the Radar

Grabbing a good book might be a pleasant way to spend an hour or too of free time, but in some places storage of more than a couple of books might be impossible. The US Navy admits that for submariners there have been few options until now. The rise in e-readers may have seemed an… – read more