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Strategies for expanding your business

So you’re thinking about expanding your business. Congratulations! That means you’re doing well enough to consider tackling new challenges and opportunities. It is important to make well-informed strategic decisions at this stage before you take such a big step. Ask yourself: Are your business processes streamlined for expansion? Look at how your customers’ needs have… – read more

Mobile is About to Go Mainstream – Trend for 2014

Every website needs to be optimised for mobile devices in 2014. This means having a “responsive design” and thinking about how people interact with your business via their mobile should be one of your top priorities. (Responsive design is a fancy term for a website that looks natural and functions naturally in the mobile format. Think… – read more and Google searches

Some time ago, I posted an article predicting the increasing importance of structured data to Google and other search engine’s results. As many websites are driven by database software, written by software developers and contain largely structured data, it makes sense that if we can advise Google and others about the structure of our web… – read more

Updating your website – SEO issues

Our new website went live today! As is often the case we had a deadline, in this case, we were attending an exhibition showing our bespoke software solutions, and were keen to get the new branding in place prior to that. We still have some content to complete, but we are happy that the new site… – read more