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CHEP Custom Stock Control and Warehouse Software Solution

Founded in Australia in 1945, CHEP is a leading provider of pallet and container pooling services for a wide range of large industries:- Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Fresh Food and Manufacturing. CHEP UK provides logistics and pooling of pallets and containers to the UK and International markets.

CHEP’s business tracks hundreds of thousands of pallets, crates and containers over an international network of depots and customers. Their original DOS-based system, called BlueTrack, had aged in both technical appropriateness and business fit; several process inefficiencies had arisen, and the software was unable to be extended to fit new and emerging growth markets.

“Smart data structures and dumb code works a lot better than the other way round.”

Their Issue

CHEP needed a custom stock control and warehouse software solution, built on a modern platform that could be extended to meet and manage their resources for all depots and customers. They also wanted to extend the functional capabilities of the software, to include invoicing customers, as well as align the software with their new reporting requirements.

Our Solution

Triangle provided an application with a modern user interface, based on current software and hardware platforms. The bespoke software would replace all the current BlueTrack functionality, but simplify the processes that no longer fitted the old software. The software design also had to interface with other CHEP software using their standard file formats and needed to enable management of non-CHEP products. New reporting functionality and invoicing were included in the building of the software.

The software was also designed to be licensed to third parties for the management of their own pooled products. CHEP were delighted with the resulting amendments to their software and have seen an improvement in stock control.

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