Case Study – Customer Relationship Management – GiTi Tire

GiTi Tire was looking for a CRM system to replace a mix of manual processes that were heavily reliant on spreadsheets and typed documents.


GiTi Tire UK is amongst the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers in the world. They produce a comprehensive range of tyres for both personal and commercial vehicles, exporting to over 100 countries worldwide.

As part of their service, the company deals with warranty coverage for commercial vehicles that use their products. Their claims database system had grown, and they required a simpler automated bespoke software approach to maintain current service standards.


GiTi’s customer claims system used a range of manual processes that were heavily reliant on typed documents and spreadsheets. Engineers, administrators and managers all needed to use the system for different parts of the process. The company wanted a solution that could combine their work-flows into a unified piece of software.

They also intended to roll out the completed solution to their German counterpart.

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Triangle provided high quality bespoke software that replaced the current manual processes and spreadsheets with a robust and scalable solution. The multi-user environment with its internet accessible interface meant that engineers were able to spend less time on administration, administrative staff had easier access to up-to-date data, and managers could directly use reporting functions, leading to more informed decision-making.

Users were also able to utilise the system out in the field, as the offline synchronisation ensured that when a connection was not available, data input from a job would be brought up to date at the earliest possible time.

The software provided the necessary workflows for each user’s part in the claims management process which linked instantly to product data and allowed automated generation of letters and reports.

The system also included scope to allow parts of the company in other countries to take up the software in the future.

In addition to CRM, the system incorporates a business database and management reporting system.

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