We have over the years developed many business applications for our clients. A few of which can be found by following the links below:


We have several systems installed at Tarmac, one of which is a Sales Order system.


In 2005, we helped Repic design a waste management system to allow them to provide a service to their members to meet their producer obligations under the WEEE Directive. We have been working Repic ever since.

Keele University

As is the case with many organisations today, Energy management is a key element of Keele’s business and in 2007 we were commissioned to develop a system to help them monitor energy consumption across the campus and report on usage trends.


We have been working with one of the MoD’s logistic divisions since 1995 in helping them manage the distribution goods throughout the organisation. The system’s database allows the users to track items throughout the MoD.

Service Metals

Service Metals are an alloy distribution business. We worked with them in 2001 to re-develop their sales order processing and warehouse system which had previously been in in Microsoft Access.