Tarmac Case Study

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Tarmac, a CRH Company, is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business.

With over 150 years’ experience, they have a combined breadth of capability and expertise that covers aggregates and asphalt, ready-mix concrete, cement, lime and powders, contracting and building products.

They run a number of sites and offices across the country, all with varying IT needs. When reviewing solutions to plan and monitor sales activity it was vital that sales personnel were able to continue doing what they already did well, while introducing consistency in reporting and introducing company-wide policies.

Triangle worked closely with Tarmac to radically improve their IT systems including purchase order analysis, health and safety, HR, plant management and performance as well as sales activity and CRM.

“Simplicity is the prerequisite for reliability.”

Their Issue

Sales activity was spread across the country with more than 350 people, with various levels of connectivity, needing access to the solution. All information on quotes placed and won is managed within the client’s SAP software. Volumes were high, leaving no room for double entry of data. Some sales personnel are completely mobile so they needed to make plans and record activity while on the road, often without internet or network connectivity. Other sales teams are office based, spending their time making and receiving telephone calls. Any complex interface for recording this activity would have seen an unacceptable drop in the productivity of these teams.

Managers at various levels needed to be able to view effectiveness and compare personnel and teams at a glance.  It was also important that activity and performance could be monitored by managers to identify successful trends and techniques and to mentor staff as needed. Managers needed access to business information in the form of graphs and figures at their fingertips, around the world.

Our Solution

Triangle implemented a sales activity and order processing tracking system, which included integration with quotes from within SAP, offline planning and activity for use on the road and a one-click method of tracking phone activity. Plans can now be made and activity recorded by either connecting to the internal network or offline in a car, plane or anywhere that a laptop can be used.

When a sales person next visits an office, their plans and activity are synchronised within the central database allowing for comparisons across teams and a simple backup and maintenance plan.

A phone recorder was implemented for office based staff that stayed available at the sales person’s computer at all times. With a single click, phone activity is now monitored. The old paper based tracking and double entry that was previously required has been eliminated.

Quote information is extracted directly from SAP, again eliminating double entry and ensuring that only one set of quote data exists across the business.The quotes, plans and activity information are summarised into standard reports each week for all staff. They are exported into Microsoft Office showing trends for an individual, a team and across the business. When software updates are required these are rolled out centrally and picked up automatically as sales personnel visit their offices, without the need for a technician to visit or remotely control any client machines.


  • All paper based systems and double entry have been eliminated.
  • Availability of the software on the road, together with the one-click phone recording, has seen an improvement in productivity across all sales teams.
  • Centralised storage of information has allowed managers to recognize trends across the business in ways unavailable before now.
  • The SAP interface has allowed our client to introduce new systems quickly, whilst staying true to the company’s enterprise wide IT strategy.

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