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Our new website

​Welcome to Triangle Software’s new website! We have not changed our branding, so much of this site will look and feel very similar to before. We have however changed the navigation to allow us to create pages detailing our new products and services. Some older pages are not included in the navigation, but are included below for those who may be linking to them…

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Triangle’s Mobile Software helps Wilson & Scott

Triangle’s customer, Wilson & Scott (who have recently been awarded a BS 11000 Certification for Collaborative Business Relationships, following 6 months of challenging and rigorous conformity) uses our KDO Mobile Software application as a standardised communication mechanism across the entire workforce.

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Old software support

We are now offering old software support to companies with software that is not supported either due to its age, or perhaps due to the original supplier no longer offering support. We can provide cover for a number of older Microsoft platforms, plus other, none-microsoft environments.

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