Anniversary of the Web

11 March 2014

Today, the world wide web will turn 25. Yes, 25 years old!.

It is the anniversary of the day its creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, with a small group of helpers wrote the software and designed the protocols needed to implement the idea. He then launched it on the world by putting it on the Cern internet server in 1991, without having to ask anybody's permission.

So much has happened in the past two decades it is hard to remember a time before you could buy things with the click of a mouse. The web we use today is quite different from 25 years ago.

Before the web "ordinary" people could publish their ideas and creations - only if they could persuade the media gatekeepers (editors, publishers, broadcaster) to give them prominence. Berners-Lee's original desire was for a web that would enable people not only to publish, but also to modify web pages. The web has given people a global publishing platform (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Typepad), photographs (Flickr, Picasa, Facebook) audio and video (You Tube) and people and businesses have leapt at the opportunity.

Did you know that despite the fact that anybody can launch a website, the vast majority of the top 100 websites are run by corporations. The only real exception is Wikipedia.

So has your business used the web to transform your service offering? Do your back office systems seamlessly support your front office service requirements?

Triangle Software has over 21 years of bespoke software development experience – not quite as long as 25 years, but we believe that experience counts.