Are you in the driving seat?

05 March 2014

Rinspeed, better known for its amazing Bond-esque underwater car, have put together a prototype for the Geneva Motor Show that outlines how driverless cars might work for the occupants, rather than focusing on the autonomous driving technology.

‘I wanted to put the passenger at the centre of what is possible’, said Rinspeed’s CEO, Frank Rinderknecht. ‘Travelling in a driverless car will no longer require me to stare at the road, but will let me spend my time in a more meaningful way.’

Rinspeed took a regular Tesla Model S 4 seater saloon and, taking inspiration from jet liners, reconfigured the interior to reflect how one might work, sleep, read or do other activities within the space. Working within such tight confines was a challenge: ‘it would have been easier in a van or stretch limousine, obviously’, said Frank. Remarkably, despite the car being crammed with features and technology, there is still a sense of space within the ‘XchangE’ concept vehicle.


The steering column still exists but is easily moved out of the way to the centre console. The entire dashboard is given over to a full length information and entertainment system for video conferencing, checking emails or web-surfing. Meanwhile a 32” television is mounted behind the collapsible rear seat. The concept also comes with a Plexiglas roof, lit with hundreds of LED lights.

The seats have been developed by world-renowned manufacturer of medical prosthetics, Otto Bock. ‘Have you ever tried to sit back in your car..? You need a seat that will still let you relax’, says Frank. We had to redesign the whole seating schematics.’ The seats can slide, swivel and tilt in 20 different configurations. But it’s not all watching movies or gazing at the scenery.

‘If I go over an Alpine pass I want to drive myself,’ says Frank. ‘If I go on the motorway from London to Birmingham, it’s not very joyful’, he adds. ‘Everything in life is becoming automated. When I started to work I had a typewriter with a carbon ribbon band. When I look back at how things were, it looks like the Stone Age.’

If you’re feeling like you’re in the driving seat, but going nowhere, then perhaps it’s time for a redesign of your software system that puts the users at the centre of the experience rather than focusing solely on your purchase orders or customer relationship management database. As Frank says, everything is becoming automated, and Triangle can help you to get ahead of the game and take advantage of the powerful integration of modern software systems.

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