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Enforce compliance in the highways industry with mobile forms

24 November 2020

Many companies operating in the highways industry still rely on paper processes and spreadsheets for managing job information and compliance checks. 

Traditional methods like these can make compliance more challenging, as companies have to rely on their operatives to complete task sheets accurately and in full - which doesn’t always happen!

By implementing digital processes and investing in mobile workforce management software, you can enforce accurate data collection, enjoy better workforce visibility and boost compliance.

Delivering toolbox talks via mobile forms software

Toolbox talks allow you to bring attention to specific areas of health and safety when an operative arrives on-site. Why not deliver your toolbox talks digitally?

From PDFs and PowerPoints to videos and audio files, you have the freedom to attach any document type to your scheduled jobs and mark them for mandatory viewing. This empowers your workforce with the knowledge they need to conduct their work safely and to regulatory standards. 

Digital risk assessments and vehicle checklists 

Turn your paper vehicle checklists and risk assessments into a digital format and enforce completion before your operatives begin the job. This helps to prevent accidents and ensure your employees are working in a safe environment. 

To increase compliance further, mobile forms can be designed to guarantee the collection of photographs, electronic signatures and are supported by time stamps and GPS locations.

Once a user submits a form, it can be reviewed by managers and supervisors in the back-office application so compliance can be observed and monitored. 

Enforcing safety processes with mobile forms 

Mobile workforce management software facilitates regimented workflows, which ensures your operatives follow a set of tasks in the correct order. 

For example, when a manager creates a job in the back-office they can attach health and safety information for mandatory reading, as well as digital risk assessments that the operative must complete before commencing the job. 

Meanwhile, any information an operative collects via the app is accessible in real-time from the desktop back-office. Instantaneous visibility allows managers to identify that their operatives are following the workflows correctly. 

Collecting the data you need to stay compliant

But how do you guarantee your operatives collect the data you need to stay compliant? 

Capturing data through mobile forms ensures your workforce completes every task sheet in full. Mobile form features such as mandatory fields guarantee that every answer field is populated before the user can submit the form. 

And missing paperwork is no longer a problem. When an operative submits a mobile form and synchronises their device, all the data is stored safely in the cloud - available immediately and at any time for review.  

Boosting Business Compliance with Mobile Forms by Triangle 

Mobile forms by Triangle provide a simple yet powerful mobile workforce management solution. The software is designed to enforce compliance and increase visibility of business processes. 

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