Ensure your software adapts to change

23 April 2014

Internet safety is becoming even more important as we move more and more to online services. Even massive multinationals are coming under fire from hacking and other security breaches. One of the newest line of defence comes from Shape Security’s ‘Shape Shifter’ hardware.

Founded by an ex-Google employee and a former Chief of Security, the company has found backing from the likes of Venrock, KPCB and Google Ventures.

Using real-time polymorphic code, the Shape Shifter is a simple-to-install piece of hardware that sits between your regular security and firewalls and your server. When an attack tries to affect the underlying core of your site, the Shape Shifter will literally rewrite the site code as it runs, adapting it so that the hack-bots cannot identify a meaningful target; all without affecting your users.

Adapting to change rtp-567x646

ZDNet’s Larry Dignan says ‘I can barely stay awake for a lot of startup pitches… [but] Shape Security got my attention because its approach is welcome, necessary and it has already enlisted some of the largest financial, e-commerce and healthcare companies as beta customers for the last six months’.

Polymorphic code has been used for years by malware to attack PCs, networks and servers, whilst rewriting itself to avoid detection or removal. Shape has turned the entire idea on its head, so that your code also does the same, presenting a moving target that the attacker can’t latch on to.

Modern business is about adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.

The markets are constantly moving and customers will quickly go elsewhere if you can’t adapt to what they want. You need to change your game and rapidly shift to a new way of engaging that will pull in interest in your service or product. Like the polymorphic code you need to be flexible; ready to meet those changes head on.

Triangle can help improve your database software so that you too can meet the shifting demands and be adaptable to change.

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