Mobile Workforce Management System

Is it Time to Invest in Mobile Workforce Management Software?

14 September 2020

The number of mobile workers is growing rapidly across the world, causing businesses to acknowledge the importance of effective mobile workforce management. 

So what is mobile workforce management software and how do you know if it’s time for your business to invest in new solutions?

What is mobile workforce management software?

A mobile workforce management system consists of a back-office desktop application for managers and a mobile application for the workforce that work together harmoniously.

The importance of data is becoming more apparent and enterprises of all sizes are leveraging their data more proactively to make business decisions. 

Implementing mobile workforce management software enables intelligent capture which is accessible in real-time. It also allows efficient communication between office and field-based staff and increases on-site productivity. 

Here are the signs that suggest your business is ready for mobile workforce management software. 

Paperwork has become laborious for office and field-based workers

Vehicle checklists, timesheets, order forms… the list goes on. From forms to manuals, mobile workers accumulate heaps of essential paperwork in their vehicles. 

Mandatory job information takes time to complete, increasing administrative tasks for mobile workers and reducing their productivity in the field. 

But the admin doesn’t stop when the paperwork is complete - piles of paper forms land back at the office, ready for processing. Your admin team will spend hours printing, scanning and transcribing the data into computer systems. 

When paper processes begin to get out of control, it’s time to upgrade to a paperless system. Your mobile workforce can complete ‘paperwork’ quickly using their mobile device, where it can be synchronised to the back-office application. Eliminating manual data entry and the hand delivery of forms saves time for everyone. 

Poor data collection

Paperwork can fall by the wayside when schedule adherence is the top priority. Rushing from job to job can lead to hurried form-filling, incomplete data, and illegible handwriting. Incoherent data is worthless and can’t be utilised to improve your business processes. 

Mobile workforce management software empowers intelligent data capture. It makes data collection quick and easy, as well as hosting an abundance of features to ensure that each form collects a wealth of accurate, in-depth information. 

Do you have a mish-mash of unintegrated software and systems? An unconnected approach can make data management difficult. Multiple storage locations and different data entry methods make it impossible to see the full picture - so how can you make effective, data-driven decisions? 

Investing in end-to-end mobile workforce management software gives you complete control. Choose from different modules, from mobile workflows to CRM systems, that work seamlessly together. 

Low employee engagement within your mobile workforce

Ineffective operations and communication can result in frustrated employees. For example, overly complicated paper forms and admin processes, or being unable to speak to managers easily while they’re on-site. These stresses can make your staff feel disengaged and unmotivated. 

Bear in mind that your mobile workers regularly have face-to-face interactions with your customers - so it’s important they’re empowered to deliver brilliant customer service. 

Implementing the correct mobile workforce management software gives your workforce the tools they need to excel. Managers and field staff can communicate with each other in real-time from their mobile devices and job information is available in its entirety from a single location. 

Mobile workforce management solutions by Triangle Software

At Triangle, we have nearly 30 years’ experience in helping businesses improve their bottom line. 

We understand that making the jump from paper processes to mobile technology can be a challenge due to workforces being resistant to change. That’s why we design our software to make digital processes as easy as possible. 

We offer two types of mobile workforce management software - Formulate and Reach

We created Formulate to take the challenge away from paperwork. It is a fully-tailorable mobile forms software solution, which puts data collection and communication at the forefront of your business. 

If you need an enterprise-wide solution that encapsulates your business processes from start to finish, Reach is the software for you. From CRM systems, sales orders and quotes to mobile workflows, invoicing and credit notes, it seamlessly connects your operations. 

To find out more about our mobile workforce management solutions, contact us or email