Meet Brad. He’s addicted to making toast. And he’s a toaster.

21 March 2014

Brad is a social experiment in device connectivity, and is the the idea of Italian designer, Simone Rebaudengo. Or to put it in simple terms, Brad is a toaster connected to the internet, other toasters and has a twitter account.

Brad also really, really likes making toast. He’ll tweet about how often you use him, and compare usage with other connected toasters. If you’re ignoring him, and others are being used more, then he’ll tweet reminders at you, rattle his handle, or start asking other twitter users if they want him instead.

Meet Brad

Whilst a little off the wall, the bigger picture behind the experiment was to raise questions about how we might relate in the future to the products we buy.

Thermostats that lower themselves, or devices that turn off to save energy during peak hours: Nest Energy Services is already linking home electronics in this way.

‘Behaviours and relationships are interesting new materials that we can shape – and that we need to understand’, says Rebaudengo, ‘in order to design better experiences for people.’ We’ve often been sold an idea of cold efficiency, but how might our products interact in a more warm and human way? Perhaps your Ocado-linked fridge will pick the low-fat options after talking to your diet App.

‘I think the seamfulness of this will be much more interesting than the seamlessness,’ says Rebaudengo.

Standardised software packages often promise a seamless experience that looks ideal on the surface. Once tested within your business, you quickly come to realise that your staff and your processes work in ways that are outside of the box.

Having a tailored software solution from Triangle Software means you get exactly what you need, in a way that supports how you work, rather than having to conform to the software.

Build a new relationship with your software by talking to Triangle today on 01477 571940. Our 21 years of software engineering experience can help you start enjoying that warm toasty feeling.