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Mobile Forms FAQ: Everything you need to know

29 July 2020

What are Mobile Forms?

Mobile forms are a method of data collection using a smartphone or a tablet device. They are increasingly replacing their paper equivalents, particularly in field services.

Mobile forms software allows intelligent data capture on the move without the limitations of paper-based document management. Your workforce can collect and share information quickly and easily from their mobile device, no matter where they’re based. It can be used to create streamlined workflows and collect a wide variety of useful data to enhance your business processes. 

Effortlessly gather information regarding job materials, resources, job completion status and more. Access to real-time data allows supervisors to accurately manage and forecast resources and provide customers with progress updates.

Who can use Mobile Forms Software?

Mobile forms software is suitable for any remote or mobile workforce. From sales consultants and boiler repair technicians to social care providers and facilities management. Where there are paper processes, there’s an opportunity to benefit from mobile forms. 

Here are a few of the industries that can utilise Formulate:

  • Utility providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Health care providers
  • Social care / children's homes
  • Construction site management 
  • Service and maintenance engineers 
  • Sales consultants 
  • Facilities management 
  • Health and safety inspectors 

What are the Advantages of Mobile Forms?

Mobile forms go far beyond the capabilities of paper forms. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Fast and efficient: Forms can be issued electronically to your employees’ mobile device and the data is accessible in the back-office as soon as the user has synced their app. Read more about speed advantages
  • Improve accuracy: Innovative features will improve the accuracy of data capture. Reactive fields provide the opportunity to collect a larger set of data for analysis. Read more about accuracy advantages
  • Detailed information: Capture rich data such as photographs and GPS locations, which cannot be collected via traditional methods. Read more about the benefits of rich data
  • Minimise mistakes: There is less opportunity for error; unlike paper forms, the data does not have to be transcribed by a human into a computer-based system. The mobile forms are accessible in the back-office, ready for analysis.
  • Prevent lost forms: Paper forms can easily go astray in your crew’s vehicles – every completed mobile form is received by the back-office app, eliminating the problem of missing data.
  • Reduce costs: Once you start collecting data via mobile forms there is absolutely no need for paper copies – allowing you to reduce paper and printing costs! Any data that is collected digitally is stored using a cloud-based system.

What Types of Device do Mobile Forms Work on?

The software is compatible with any Android or iOS device and the application is available for download on the relevant app store. 

The forms are managed via back-office software that is compatible with desktop devices only. 

Can They Look Like My Paper Forms?

Your mobile forms can have the same content as your existing forms, but they will look slightly different depending on the type of fields you choose for data collection. 

There are lots of choices available, including text boxes, drop-down fields, check boxes, photographs and more.  

Explore the opportunities to collect new data types, such as images, that wouldn’t have been possible to collect using paper forms.

Can Mobile Forms be Integrated with Third-Party Tools?

You can connect to third party programmes like Google Docs, OneDrive, Office 365 and plenty more. This means you can easily integrate the software into your current processes to streamline your workflows.

Do I Need to be Connected to the Internet?

No internet, no problem. Work offline with mobile forms. The software will synchronise automatically when the user logs in, or it can it be synced manually when needed. 

Why Choose Formulate by Triangle Software?

Formulate is our mobile forms software solution. It boasts a range of benefits designed to increase the productivity of your mobile workforce while providing you with accurate data that can be utilised to improve business processes. If you have additional requirements, we can tailor Formulate to fulfill your needs. 

At Triangle Software, we have nearly 30 years of experience in developing software for enterprises of all sizes. Our expertise tells us that every business is unique, and we understand the necessity for a scalable software solution that can adapt to your specifications over time. 

To find out more about Formulate, contact us here or call 01477 571940.