Need to replace Sage 100? You have options!

01 September 2011

Here at Triangle we learned recently of a medium sized company using the now obsolete Sage 100 product. They had been talking to a Sage reseller and had been told that the only option was to buy Sage 200 to replace 100.

I've no doubt that Sage 200 is a great product but to be told that it's your only option with a price tag of nearly £33,000 including training was just too much for this company's MD. He was also frightened of just how much the customisation would cost before it did what he needed. He asked me if this really was his only option.

We are now in discussions to develop a bespoke business system that will do exactly what his business needs. We'll be integrating Sage 50 as the accounts module and all the other business functions including full management and operational reporting will be in the Triangle system.

At only £27,500 with monthly support of £450 after implementation, he'll not only save a fortune in the first year, and ongoing, but he'll know that we've only developed and charged him for just what suits his business. He won't be paying for features he doesn't need and will never use.

He will also never get caught in the Sage obsolescence trap again. We'll keep his software in line with technology changes as part of the standard support package. And of course he'll have a solid business partner with the technical knowledge to keep his system evolving with his business.

I can't promise that all Triangle Software systems will be this price. it obviously depends on the complexity. Also every Sage upgrade price will vary. What I can promise is that his system will fit his business now and for many years to come, and he will have got value for money.