Pieminister “Cattle Drive”

30 November 2013

All of the staff from Triangle Software and a few others from the adjoining offices gathered at lunch time to join in with the great Pieminister “Cattle Drive” – An auction of 12 pies provided free by Pieminister to raise funds for “send a cow”. They hope to equip 30 African families with a cow and everything they need to become self sufficient farmers and to lift them out of poverty.

Triangle Software pieminister

After a slightly shy start there were soon some very competitive bidding wars, leaving the auctioneer struggling to keep track of the bids and having to be reminded by the onlookers! The staff that joined in from other offices really got into the spirit and helped fuel the bids.

Not wanting to be left out, despite having a day off, Mike (AKA Led) joined in the fun making telephone bids via speaker phone. He was keen to try the venison “Deer Santa Pie” which he managed to secure despite some background sabotage by his young daughter!!!

Some crafty last minute bids pushed the prices up and we managed to raise a terrific £70.00.

Thanks to everyone who took part.