Poor performance is a defect

25 February 2014

Reports last week suggest that many large companies, including banks, are being forced to retrain young IT graduates in the ways of the Mainframe. As older system administrators retire, younger staff members do not have the skills to run the systems at the core of the business.

Problems have been mounting over the last few years due to the ever quickening pace of the digital revolution. Pressure to integrate mobile apps into decades-old customer management systems is causing mounting concern with the Chief Information Officers at these companies.

Neil Richards, director of Compuware, a mainframe servicing company, noted that in one instance a mobile banking app required ten different mainframe transactions just to log in. ‘Poor performance’, he said, ‘is now being viewed as a defect’ and when things do go wrong no-one can quickly find the cause of the error.

Richards describes a huge increase in the number of ‘war room’ meetings where companies have had to draft in people from various parts of their business in order to try and fix the problem. ‘If I was the CIO in any bank’, says Richards, ‘I’d want to quantify the problem and have a plan in place to fix it.’ Despite this, nearly 40% of large companies have no formal plans in place to deal with the problem.

Luckily most businesses aren’t hiding a mainframe in their office, but you may well have data in old formats on old systems which are becoming an issue over time. That valuable data in your Visual Basic or Access-based customer management system will only become harder to support, and harder to get at, as the weeks go by.

Don’t be one of that 40 percent.

Triangle can provide a replacement system that works with the data you have, and is tailored directly to your business. You get easy access to your customer management data, on a fast, modern .NET system that is flexible enough to provide for the future. Integration with cloud-based services or mobile apps becomes simple and effective.

The only retirement you need to worry about, is your old system.

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