Roocroft go paperless using our Formulate App

10 September 2019

More and more companies are making the transition towards paperless software systems, using electronic forms and mobile apps to keep their companies running efficiently on a day to day basis.

Roocroft were in need of a system that could be implemented with bespoke forms, as well as being able to utilise unlimited forms as and when new ones are in need of design. Additionally, a system simple enough to seamlessly introduce to all crews and the training to do so was required.

The Roocroft system is built using our Formulate application. Formulate provides a flexible environment where any number of forms and workflows can be created and tailored to suit the business.

For Roocroft, this ticked all the boxes – digitally, of course. Roocroft has now set up their own tailored forms and workflows using the Formulate back office, ready for crews to pick up on the app. Any pre-existing paper-based form Roocroft had is now made into an electronic form on the app – and there is always room for more should that be the case. 

With their app recently fully up and running, Roocroft has already seen 2 major benefits from its implementation:

- Firstly, getting job packs back quickly from the crews – this is now instant, and not only is there a time benefit- the quality of data coming back from the easy to use system is better also. Errors are reduced, and the lack of paperwork means none can go missing.

- Secondly, upon completion of a job, Roocroft can now send works completion packs to clients with photos of the job as they leave site.

Lee Robinson, Commercial Director at Roocroft commented:

“We have found the new system to be more efficient. ‘Paperwork’ is sent electronically immediately following completion on site to the client speeding up the process of handing over any QA information to the client.

“It removes the waiting time to receive the paperwork from the site, copy/scan in all the documents and send via email.  This process can take as long as a week depending on whether the scheme involves our gangs working away – therefore having to wait for them to return back to the office.

“Any drawings or paperwork which need to be updated can be updated instantly and sent to site via e-mail – therefore reducing the waiting time for information and any disruption on site.

“Additionally, it cuts down the amount of paper we use in the office, cuts down on storage and mitigates the risk of any paperwork getting lost on site. We’ve already seen noticeable changes.