Seamless system integration with Leicestershire County Council aids WJ collaboration

10 June 2019

Triangle Software has integrated County Council software system ‘CONFIRM’ into the system WJ operates on a day to day basis.

The paperless system enables WJ to perform vehicle checks, complete forms and reduce both human error and paper usage – amongst other benefits.

WJ has been running operations on the Triangle E-DRS system since 2013 and have seen a significant reduction in paper usage, as well as running costs. Operatives no longer rely on paper, and digital documents ensure safe keeping and tidy records.

A major benefit for WJ moving forward is the integration with their system of CONFIRM, meaning communications with Leicestershire Country Council become more efficient by reducing the need for human intervention.

One aspect of the integration is live tracking and reporting, so Leicestershire Country Council can see when WJ operatives arrive to a job, whether is be road marking or stud installation/removal, how the progress of the job is going, and when the operatives have left site- without relying on a single phone call, email or other form to person-to-person communication.

Anna Howe, Director of Triangle Software:

“We’re really happy to have been able to complete the integration on behalf of both Leicestershire Country Council and WJ.

“Integrating CONFIRM helps our client, WJ to carry out their works effectively and further increases their efficiency.

“The operatives out on the road can just get on with the job without having to concern themselves with checking in with the County Council, as the system now gives CONFIRM all the information regarding WJ works that they need to know on a job by job basis.”

Joe Stubbs, Contracts Manager at WJ:

“The Triangle E-DRS system is a huge part of our operations and our collaboration with Leicestershire Country Council is a very important one to WJ.

“To be able to have a system that integrates with CONFIRM is really important to us, as it services Leicestershire Country Council’s ability to monitor the jobs they contract us to carry out. The fact our operatives don’t need to do this manually means jobs are carried out more efficiently, and the paperless element of it all just reduces the human error possibility.”

Chris Green of Leicestershire Country Council added:

“This system integration from Triangle really helps the efficiency at Leicestershire Country Council. Instant job information and progress enables us to keep on top of where our contracted jobs are and keeps us up to date in terms of daily progress.”