Smart devices being used nearly 9 hours a day

07 August 2014

Tech activity overtakes sleeping.

Britons are spending more time on screens than they do sleeping, according to an annual report on communication habits by the industry watchdog, Ofcom.

Ofcom said that over 50% of the average waking day is spent on media or communication activity – more than is spent on sleep, with UK young adults spend an average of:-

8 hours and 41 mins - a day on media devices, compared with;
8 hours and 21 mins - the average night's sleep

Younger people were also found to have an advanced understanding of technology devices, with six-year-olds having the same level of knowledge as the average 45-year-old.

Daily Media Consumption (8 hours and 41 minutes)

3 hour 52 minswatching television
2 hours 46 minslistening to radio
1 hour 8 mins - on the internet (PC/Laptop)
28 mins - using a mobile phone
9 mins - talking on fixed phone

But, before you begin to wonder what your employees are doing, this Ofcom study analysed the media habits of those between 12 and 15 years of age.

It does however indicate that consumers and customers are constantly in communication – and organisations need to remember that their customers will quickly go elsewhere if your organisation can’t adapt quickly to what they want.

With the "Internet of Things" paving the way for better communication and connection between businesses and homes (appliances being controlled by apps, and devices reacting smartly to their surroundings), the challenge you face as an organisation is the technical compatibility of your systems.

As the study shows, even 6 year olds have the same level of knowledge as the average 45-year-old. Depending on your service, one could already be a customer, and one certainly may become one in the future.

Modern business is about adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.

Do you need to change your business structure and shift to a new way of engaging that will pull in interest in your service or product. Companies need to be flexible; ready to meet these changes head on.

Triangle can help improve your business software so that you too can meet the shifting demands and be adaptable to change.

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