Supermarkets must accept ‘brutal reality’ of change

26 June 2014

With supermarkets under attack from discounters – the pressure to adapt to changes in their market is paramount.

Dalton Philips, chief executive of the struggling Morrisons chain has that warned that big grocery retailers must face the challenge of discounters head on.

He also pointed to one-time big corporate names like Kodak and Nokia, whose market dominance was wiped out because of their failure to accept that the game had changed.

In the face of massive structural change in the UK market, Philips said Sainsbury’s decision to form a joint venture to bring Danish discounter Netto back to the UK was a smart move. It’s a recognition of the structural shifts in the market and a channel growing so quickly that you have to be a part of it.

Modern business is about adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.

With markets constantly moving, customers will quickly go elsewhere if you can’t adapt to what they want. You need the ability to change your game, and rapidly shift to a new way of engaging with customers that will pull in interest in your service or product.

Your organisation needs to be flexible; and ready to meet those changes head on.

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