Electronic Signature

The 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Electronic Signatures

13 July 2020

What is an Electronic Signature?

To put it simply, an electronic signature is the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature. Using a mobile or tablet device, the signatory can consent to the information within an electronic form. 

So, what are the benefits of electronic signatures and why should your business go digital?

Save Time

We’re all familiar with the phrase “time is money”, and efficient employees and processes can guarantee that time won’t be wasted. 

Electronic signatures are automatically received by the back office manager upon completion. This eliminates the need for your mobile workforce to hand-deliver their paperwork and use their time more productively to achieve their goals. Plus, it cuts down on transport costs! 

Transitioning to paperless working dramatically decreases turnaround times while streamlining your workflows and processes. As digitally signed forms are instantly accessible after the user has synchronised the app, jobs can proceed at a much faster pace.

Reduce Costs

Everyone makes mistakes, but the cost of human error can soon start to add up. Many paper documents are returned with signature errors; rectifying these problems requires further resources (admin, paper, and printing) at an additional cost to your business. 

Reduce costs and increase accuracy by removing paper processes and switching to electronic signature software. It can flag incomplete or incorrect information prior to the signature being submitted.  

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Electronic signatures provide higher levels of security than handwritten signatures. Thanks to GPS locations, timestamps, and tracing, businesses can gain instant access to who completed the document, and where and when it was signed.

Missing data will no longer be a problem. Digital forms are designed with features, such as mandatory fields, to ensure that all sections are completed before they can be electronically signed and submitted. This confirms to the business that the employee has been compliant and completed their required tasks.

Are Electronic Signatures Legal?

Yes. Electronic signatures have been legally binding in the UK since the Electronic Communications Act 2000 came into effect. 

Choose Mobile Forms Software

With remote working becoming the ‘new normal’, making the transition to paperless processes is more important than ever. Formulate, our mobile forms software, has a range of innovative features, including electronic signatures, so your mobile workforce can sign off digital forms from their location using a mobile or tablet device.  

If you want to know more about Formulate and how it can help your business, contact us here or call 01477 571940.