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The Benefits of Mobile Forms Software in the Fitness Industry

21 April 2021

Key achievements with Formulate

  • Integrate with CRM system and auto-populate forms  
  • Cut human error and evade voiding membership contracts 
  • Simple GDPR compliance 
  • Improved customer experience from reception to the gym floor 
  • Huge savings in administrative costs per gym each month


Growing demands for improved hygiene practices, technological adoption, and strict GDPR such as protecting membership data and storing documentation for extensive periods, have sped up the adoption of innovative processes by gyms and leisure centers in the fitness industry to comply with these growing changes. Popular gyms have begun to replace paperwork with optimised mobile form software to develop faster, more efficient workflows and a more consistent level of service delivery. Integrating internal systems such as CRM software with membership forms has reduced administrative burden and human error as well as saving thousands of pounds each month by replacing the need to purchase paper and other administrative items. 

Triangle software designed a mobile forms software solution - Formulate to create seamless job scheduling and workflow in the fitness industry. It’s a digital method of data collection using a smartphone or a tablet device that is increasingly replacing paper processes. 

Formulate has multiple benefits that allow gyms to keep on top of data management, regulation, and consumer demands all while providing the best possible service to its members. Below are some of the key ways in which Formulate can add value to gyms and help comply with relentless regulations:

GDPR compliance

Date-sensitive paperwork can become an issue in any business, not only does GDPR compliance mean this data must be stored securely, but it also needs to be accessible for extended periods, in some cases over a decade. With Formulate all records can be stored digitally, allowing for organised documentation and freeing up valuable space. 

Save in administrative costs

What does your gym spend on paper, printer ink, printer maintenance and postage each year? If you are regularly buying contracts and other paper-based documents, then cost quickly adds up. Operating paperless will eliminate most of those costs, putting money back into the business.

Paperwork doesn't come cheap and with paper being inherent in your gyms existing workflow, recurring costs can be unforgiving on your P&L. With Formulate, repeat administrative costs are reduced to nil if your business desires it, all membership paperwork such as cancellation and sign up forms can be automatically produced with unique elements and branding that fits your businesses existing set up and style. 

Administrative human error

Human error is responsible for over 70% of workplace incidents. In the fitness industry, health and safety is the obvious concern when considering human error, however, these mistakes often take place in the form of administrative errors rather than on the gym floor or poolside. Although each incident is less extreme, they occur several times every day.  

A simple data entry error sounds harmless, however absent membership numbers, misspelling a name, or missing important bank details can easily void a long-term membership agreement or upset an existing member by failing to cancel their membership in time. Medium-sized gyms may average over 300 joiners and cancellations per month, meaning with an error rate of 5% gyms can lose over £300 per month in missed joining fees alone. By automating most data entry points, you can mitigate human error and avoid timely, costly errors. 

Integrate with CRM system and auto-populate forms

The importance of correct data entry is clear to see. The majority of entry error-related issues come from limited time and the pressures and demands from other members at any given time. The issue here is that your member portal or CRM system that stores and updates membership data is unable to talk with your paperwork, meaning everything must be manually entered. Not only does this create these costly errors, but it also slows down the process entirely, meaning members get frustrated, staff feel pressured and other opportunities for the administrative assistant or receptionist are lost due to time demands. By integrating your system with a paperless form, simply entering the membership number can automatically populate the desired fields, meaning staff members can focus on what's important, fulfilling the member or manager's set task. This simple adjustment can reduce the processing time by over 75% creating an improved customer experience from reception.

Personal training and member feedback 

An improved customer experience at reception is key, as this is likely to be the potential or existing members' first impression and interaction with the gym and its staff, however, a better customer experience does not need to end there. Adopting paperless processes across the entire site can act as the final stage for taking your business's workflow and customer service experience into a digital space. Save feedback instantly on the gym floor and reduce the likelihood of complaints online or in public areas and upload or access feedback instantly from the member's accounts to ensure a consistent and effective complaints process. 

Digital Forms by Triangle

Triangle has developed a digital forms software solution that is designed to make administration easy while providing multiple benefits to the mobile workers on the job. 

Visit our blog to read more about the benefits of mobile forms for the mobile workforce. Or contact us today to find out how we can help your business with digital form software.