The countdown continues...

07 June 2016

Another challenge completed by Jamie Dobson, one of our software developers here at Triangle Software.  We all agreed, he must be mad, but it is for a great cause. Check out his recent adventure at his latest Midlands event.

Next up is a two-day event in Scotland. Give him a helping hand to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

[caption id="attachment_1582" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Jamies-Tough-Mudder-race_3045_photo_35939863 Another one completed[/caption]

His grueling schedule continues...

25/06/2016 - Scotland
26/06/2016 - Scotland
09/07/2016 - Dublin
10/07/2016 - Dublin
06/08/2016 - Yorkshire
07/08/2016 - Yorkshire
20/08/2016 - South West
21/08/2016 - South West
10/09/2016 - North West (Maybe do a two lap in one of these)
11/09/2016 - North West (Maybe do a two lap in one of these)
24/09/2016 - London South
25/09/2016 - London South

Please help Jamie reach his target for Cancer Research UK. Click here to donate.

Triangle is proud to have Jamie as part of their software development team.
We wish him every success with his challenge.

For more information about Triangle Software, please give us a call on 01477 571940