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Top 6 Formulate Features - Mobile Forms Software

17 August 2020

We have designed Formulate, a mobile forms software solution, with your field-based workforce in mind. Paperwork can be hard to manage when you’re on the move, but this tedious task becomes hassle-free when you transition to mobile forms. 

We will explore six of Formulate’s best features that will streamline your business processes and improve your workforce’s productivity. 

1. GPS Locations and Maps

Pinpoint your employees’ precise location thanks to automatic GPS location recording. Using the back-office application, you can see exactly where the user completed the form via Google Maps.  

Maps can also be utilised within the form itself to provide the user with job location information. Simply drag and drop a map into the form and enter a postcode for the site location. This enables more effective communication between managers and the workforce as all the job information is accessible from one place. 

2. Barcodes

This feature gives users the ability to scan barcodes on products or equipment. When the barcode is scanned, the user is able to access the data that the barcode contains, for example, a part number.

The barcode scanning feature is also an effective way to keep inventory. Take the highways industry for example, as your workforce lay cones on the road in preparation for a job, each cone can be scanned so you can keep track of what equipment is where, and how many are in use. 

3. Electronic Signatures

Capture signatures on a mobile device using a stylus or a finger. This is a powerful feature that can accelerate job turnaround times. 

When the form is complete it can be synchronised to the back-office app in real-time for processing. Employees no longer need to hand-deliver their paperwork to the office, neither do admin staff have to waste time scanning, filing or transcribing handwritten forms. In turn, saving the business time, resources and money. 

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4. Image Capture

Collect rich data by adding photographs to your mobile forms. Having photographic evidence can be extremely helpful when it comes to identifying problems and reporting incidents. 

For instance, image capture can be used on a health and safety form to report a site risk, or on a vehicle checklist to demonstrate a defect that needs repairing. 

We all know the phrase, pictures speak a thousand words - collecting images straight from the field allows your workforce to quickly convey information. As well as being able to clearly show a problem, taking a photo is much quicker than typing out a written description.

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5. Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs for your workforce ahead of time with Formulate. You can use the Job Schedule to allocate tasks to individual users. You are also able to add a specific date frame, so the necessary forms are available on your employees’ mobile devices, exactly when they need them. 

All the user has to do is navigate to their job schedule within the Formulate app. From here they can access the forms they need and record the job information quickly and easily. Once the form is complete it can be sent to the back-office manager for further action. 

Using mobile forms to distribute jobs and collect data can effectively streamline your workflows by reducing human error and minimising time-consuming tasks like printing and transcribing. 

6. Mandatory Fields

When filling out paper forms, skipping a question is an easy mistake to make. But this can lead to businesses missing out on valuable data. Incomplete forms will be a thing of the past when you use Formulate. 

Utilising mandatory fields throughout your form means that no questions will be missed! The form cannot be submitted until all answer fields have been populated. 

Collecting and analysing as much data as possible allows you to know your business better, improve your workflows and make justified decisions. 

Formulate - Mobile Forms by Triangle Software

You can choose to use Formulate in the best way for your business. It works perfectly as an off-the-shelf software solution that is usable straight out the box. Alternatively, if your business needs something a little extra, we can tailor Formulate so it meets your exact requirements. 

Get in contact with us today to learn more about Formulate and how it can improve your business.