Triangle in line with Sir Richard Lambert

02 February 2011

At the recent launch event for Cocentric; the new software service for small and medium sized businesses, Triangle MD Tim Thomas-Peter's speech was right in line with the thoughts of the outgoing director-general of the CBI Sir Richard Lambert.

The main thrust was that helping smaller businesses with affordable software which allowed them to gain efficiencies and get control of their businesses would ultimately help the country. "These businesses are the bedrock of our economy" he said, "and in allowing them to make their IT and software work for them, we are opening them up to something that larger corporations have been doing for years".

While in the following weekend's Sunday Times it was reported that Sir Richard Lambert had said “SMEs are the main source of new jobs in the UK. The big multinationals are reducing their headcount in this country”

Companies with a staff of 100 to 200 employ 4.4% of the workforce and contribute 5.6% of total GDP; those with 50 to 99 account for 4.4% of the workforce and deliver 5.7% of GDP; and firms with 20 to 49 employees account for 6.3%of the workforce and 8% of output.

Providing a business friendly environment in which these companies can flourish boosts the wider economy."