Triangle's Mobile Software System

09 June 2016

Triangle's Mobile System is a fully extendable system with pre-made and bespoke modules to enable almost any conceivable business function on your mobile device. The software has been developed to take advantage of the features available with the latest smart phones and tablets (large touch screens, GPS, cameras etc). The mobile platform has its own API so it can be integrated with back office software developed by Triangle or 3rd party software providers.

The following are examples of some current modules and their uses:

Job Management -  This module allows jobs to be sent from the office to a mobile user. Jobs can contain many forms of information, including text, images, documents and sound files. The user will be able to view, modify and complete these jobs using the mobile device.

Signature Capture - This module allows the user to capture signatures from customers, signoff job sheets, timesheets etc. Signatures are stored as an image and sent back to the office.

Simple Drawing - This module allows the mobile user to create simple on-site sketches or to make hand written notes directly on the device. These will be stored locally as an image, and will be sent back to the office.

Barcode Reading - This module allows the mobile device to read a range of barcode types (both 2 and 3d). The mobile device can use this data in any way needed.

Google Maps Integration - This module allows Google Maps to be fully integrated into the application. Bespoke route planning and map overlays can then be applied.

Check Lists and Risk Assessments - This module ensures operatives carry out checks before starting work e.g. vehicle or machinery checks, and onsite health and safety or risk assessments. These can be set as a mandatory requirement, stopping any other functionality until the checks are completed.

Agent tracking - This module allows the mobile device to utilise the built-in GPS tracking functionality to track the last known location of your agents. The location data is sent back to the office and can be viewed as a simple list, or can be overlaid on a map, giving you almost real-time knowledge of any delays.

Camera Usage - This module allows the mobile device to use any built-in camera to take pictures or videos and add a description, or add it to an existing job as additional information. Any images or videos will be stored locally and can be sent back to the office.

Time Management - This module allows the mobile user to clock in and out of any jobs, allowing the central application to monitor the amount of time spent on a particular job. The module can also pass on this data to the Collaboration/Scheduling module.

Back Office Integration - The mobile application integrates with our back office system or existing desktop software for complete back office processing of Orders, Jobs, and invoices. Create customers, contacts and price lists, Maintain schedule of rates for multiple customers and auto adjust prices

  • Schedule work, assign work force and vehicles and send to mobile devices.
  • Receive completed job sheets, calculate value of the work completed, and highlight any discrepancies.
  • Generate invoices and export to an accounts package (Sage, Quick books, etc.)
  • Stock control for materials and plant

Bespoke Development - In addition to this software, we carry out bespoke development, on the mobile and desktop application, and also we can integrate this software with your existing systems.

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