Turn your back office into a profit centre

15 July 2014

Have you considered adding a new dimension to your business to improve your profits?

The cutting edge technology of 3D printing, which has been hitting the radar of various industry sectors:- retail, food, healthcare, and also manufacturing – highlights the fact that understanding your end-to-end back office processes and manufacturing capabilities are not simply isolated activities, and do effect your bottom line.

ALM – Additive Layer Manufacturing (the technical name for 3D printing) offers a new approach – and is proving to be a real game changer. Products can be created via a computer-aided design (CAD) system and then built by adding thin layer by layer melted plastic or fine power until a solid form appears.

3D printing in manufacturing for example, is now able to remove a lot of traditional constraints – the costly molds, dyes, and form tools used in previous manufacturing processes are no longer required. 

Airbus brought their first 3D printer in April 2012. By July 2013 they had gained qualification for flight use on over 1,300 printed parts and had saved an average of 44 manufacturing and lead-time days. Cost and supply lead-time on their tooling also dropped by 70%. They currently hold over 3.5 million spares in stock – all of which requires gigantic storage space, and binds capital. Reason enough for them to explore the possibilities of 3D printing.

Latest innovations and business software can and do effect all areas of your business. The back office is the place where profit is made or lost.

Triangle can help you upgrade your old software systems, customised to your business with current technology - using practices that can help you change the way that you work for the better.

If you’d like to add a new dimension on how you work, call us on 01477 571940. We can suggest a bespoke custom built system that fits your business - all for less than you might think.