Warehouse management software

04 April 2012

As part of our blog series looking at specific business sectors, this post is on warehouse management software and stock control.

We have over the years written and implemented several warehouse management systems, and whilst they all share some features in handling stock control, there are as many differences as there are similarities.

One of the key components in any warehouse system is that of managing stock; where it is, and how much is there. This is normally managed by software which counts the stock in through a goods in process, and similarly counts it out via a despatch process. I say normally because there are occasions when this counting in or out is not possible; dealing with bulk deliveries and consumption of bulk products through a manufacturing process are notoriously difficult without very expensive in-line weighing facilities (which even so are not that accurate). A similar problem comes with the monitoring of the use of 'consumables' in the manufacturing process (there are many examples, welding rods, nails, nuts bolts, paint all fall into the category of products which need stock control but are too numerous at count out to the shop floor).

We have designed systems which address these and many more issues encountered in stock control and warehouse management. Future posts will examine each of these variants in more detail, but in the meantime, please call us on 01477 571 940 to find out how we can help you with your stock control problems.