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What are the benefits of ERP systems?

16 November 2020

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a type of software that provides a holistic view of a business, with modules for HR and sales through invoicing and reporting. It's designed to streamline administrative and operational processes of an organisation.

We're living through the digital evolution and collecting valuable business data is vital for making informed business decisions to keep you ahead of the competition. 

If you're still running a legacy system, it may be outdated, or no longer fit for purpose. Limited capabilities can impact the visibility of your business processes.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why you should upgrade your legacy software to a modern ERP system.

A unified ERP system for full visibility of the business

Without ERP software, companies may use a combination of software products across departments. The disadvantage is that the systems are usually not integrated, which causes a disconnect between different areas of the business. 

Modern ERP systems counteract the disconnect as the software modules can be deployed to and utilised by every department. All business data is accessible from a centralised location, meaning:

a) All data can be accessed by any department
b) Different departments don't need to duplicate data into their own systems
c) Enterprise-wide visibility of daily operations empowers accurate, data-driven decisions 

Cloud-based ERP systems are accessible from any location

Older systems are often only available through local desktops, which limits flexibility and remote working. 

Cloud-based ERP systems are accessible from any desktop with an internet connection, whether you're working from home or hot-desking at work. Businesses with cloud-based software have certainly experienced the benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic as employees have easy access from their home computers. 

An additional benefit of cloud-based ERP systems is that they don't require extra hardware. Over time, this will save your business money because you don't need to replace old and outdated hardware. 

Real-time access to accurate data

One of the main issues with legacy systems is that departments have to share their data manually. Inputting data is time-consuming and increases the risk of human error. Waiting to receive data from other departments can also cause delays.

Data from across the business is visible to any department in real-time. Instant access to information allows managers to make decisions quickly when a problem occurs, as well as empowering your staff to work more efficiently and productively. 

Analysing the data through reporting means that managers can become more proactive in their decision-making. While assessing historical trends enables businesses to forecast the potential resources needed for future use. 

Better internal communication and collaboration

As we briefly mentioned above, an ERP system has a unified database, bringing data from each department into a central location in real-time. 

This holistic approach to data management streamlines cross-departmental collaboration. It empowers better communication across the entire organisation and allows departments to work seamlessly together to fulfil the requirements of the business. 

Enhanced internal communication boosts productivity. It enables employees to move through workflows without delay - the end result? Happy customers!

Modular and scalable

Stand-alone systems usually do not have the flexibility to grow alongside your business. As your organisation expands, you will usually find that you need more software functionality. 

ERP systems are modular and scalable. You can add software modules as your business evolves, so your system stays true to your requirements and ensures you only pay for what you need.

Improving your bottom line 

So there you have it - the main reasons why your business will benefit from an ERP software solution. And what do they all have in common? They work together to strengthen your business and improve your bottom line.

At Triangle, we offer a comprehensive selection of ERP system modules; all of which have been tried and tested by many businesses. Our ERP software suite is highly dependable, effective and completely tailorable. 

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