What does Apple's announcement today mean for you?

22 October 2013

Today, Apple announced a number of updates to it's model range. A quick Google will demonstrate that the headline news is the iPad Air, closely followed by the iPad mini retina.

Less well reported is an update to Apple's desktop operating system, OS X. Apple have today release Mavericks, the latest update to the operating system which runs on iMacs and MacBooks.

It is understandable that a new iPad is more newsworthy than a new desktop system, after all, it's more important isn't it?

Tablet computers and smartphones (and smart watches and Google's Glass) are more "sexy" than the rather uninteresting desktop computer however, there are over 10 times (source Gartner) the number of desktop computers than there are tablet computers in the world and although no statistics exist regarding the use of these computers, it is clear that the vast proportion of core business systems run on desktop computers (or cloud based servers) with tablets providing 'content' browser add-ons to these core business systems.

Triangle Software are experts in software development across all platforms and we are certainly not ditching the desktop to chase the current trends.