What’s old but new and black all over?

27 February 2014

Okay, actually this isn’t the start of a particularly poor pun. Rather a return to pinhole photography has been launched by a nostalgic enthusiast who is literally breaking the mould by using 3D printers to produce the cameras. The project was launched late last year using the crowd-funding programme Kickstarter to provide the capital, thundering past the initial $1,200 goal.

Around the same time, word was out on Youtube about how a concerned parent made his son a prosthetic hand using 3D printed parts, at a fraction of the price of a regular prosthetic.

Now, the technology has moved forwards again, with what is hailed as the world’s first full-colour, multi-material machine. The Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 lets you incorporate numerous solid colours and hundreds of blended hues into one prototype, as well as hundreds of composite materials blended within the machine.

Andrew Sirs-Davies of London Fusion, a company supporting growth in digital businesses, stated that ‘3D printing is at the forefront of what people are increasingly describing as the third digital revolution.’

Your business needs to be future-ready. The days of digging through filing cabinets and spreadsheets are fast fading, and it’s time to be up in the cloud, online, connected and social with your users and customers. When a product order can be made through a phone app, invoiced online, and then printed on demand; your software needs to be up to the task.

Let Triangle integrate your sales and purchase order processing; your accounting and your stock control; into a simple, easy to use system that is specified to meet the needs of your company, your staff and your customers. And if you don’t fit the mould: we’ve got you covered there too.

Triangle Software. Because in this day and age a bespoke, one-off solution needn’t cost the earth.

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