Who needs bespoke software

08 March 2012

"Who needs bespoke software - we have a great website which has doubled our sales year on year."

Yes, we have heard it many times, but ignore the back office at your peril!

I would like to tell you a story....

I recently ordered 2 pairs or spare brake pads for my mountain bike. The order acknowledgement email confirmed the 2 sets of pads as a single order.

I was intrigued when, some time later, I received the ‘your item has been despatched’ - great I thought, they will be here tomorrow. Then, only a few minutes later a second ‘your item has been despatched’ email, hmmm I thought, minor software bug. Still, it is only a repeat of an email, no wasted paper, also it was automated so no staff time was lost, the only slight problem was a small drop in credibility of the supplier.

This morning, my brake pads arrived….

You guessed it, two different packages, one set of brake pads in each!

Need I say more?