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A software solution to automate manual processes | N-SAT

N-SAT has been a customer of Triangle since 2015. We worked with N-SAT to develop a bespoke CMS and invoicing system that automates manual processes and streamlines their customer billing procedures. 

How does the bespoke software system benefit N-SAT?


with banking portals streamlines payment processes


of manual processes saves time

Reduces business costs

as it calculates figures accurately

About N-SAT

N-SAT are providers of international satellite TV and VPN services. 

The challenges of previous processes 

Before implementing a bespoke software solution, N-SAT primarily managed their customers and payments using spreadsheets. 

The team had to input data from emails and other sources into multiple spreadsheets to update customer information. As well as manually calculate payment information.

These outdated methods became time-consuming and led to inaccuracies and overpayments. 

Further, N-SAT required a unified database to connect with banking payment portals, which is not achievable through spreadsheets.

The solution - bespoke CRM & invoicing software

N-SAT required a system that would save time, increase efficiency and streamline their payment procedures. 

We created a bespoke software solution that includes a CRM system and invoicing database. It is also integrated with multiple banking payment portals. 

It automates manual processes, such as calculating figures for accounting, and allows multiple team members to work on the database simultaneously. It also ensures that all N-SAT employees are working from the same information to improve accuracy.

The results 

The solution is used daily by administrators, managers and accountants, who were able to adapt quickly to the software thanks to its simple, user-friendly interface. 

Automating lengthy data entry processes empowers more efficient working, saving N-SAT both time and money in relation to the man-hours spent on manual data input. 

The automation of manual processes also improves data accuracy and reduces the number of overpayments, and therefore helps to protect N-SAT’s bottom line. 

N-SAT has also seen a significant return on investment from the software and states it saves them a considerable amount of money through improvements to their business processes.

Thoughts from N-SAT

Below, Steve from N-SAT tells us more about his experience with Triangle Software. 

“We have been impressed with the service we have received from Triangle since we started working with them five years ago. 

“Triangle stood out above the other software companies we contacted when we started the software implementation process. Rather than emailing a quote, Triangle made the effort to visit our office and have an in-depth discussion about our requirements and what we needed the software to achieve.

“We started seeing benefits from the software very quickly after implementation. It has streamlined our business processes and has helped us to reduce time-consuming tasks. 

“We have seen significant ROI, and we have definitely saved more money by using the software than the cost of the software itself. 

“Triangle never falters when it comes to customer service. We recently required an update to our bespoke software. After contacting Triangle, with our request, we received a response within an hour, a quote within a day and delivery within a week - I don’t think you would get that service anywhere else!”

N-SAT continues to make regular changes and updates to their software so that their system always meets the needs of the business. 

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