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Case Study - Energy Management – Keele University

Keele’s Estates Department needed to extend the functionality of its Energy Management software, simplify some key processes where stages were being missed, and speed up report creation.

Keele University was the first new UK University of the 20th Century, with graduates obtaining some of the best academic and employment success rates across the country. The site is the UK’s largest integrated campus with many of the students and staff living on site. A large Estates Department is required to administer and provide upkeep of the many residences and facilities. The Energy Management system tracks the installation, upkeep and costs incurred from energy meters, with a particular emphasis on sustainable use.

Their current Energy Management software had some issues which need addressing: a lot of time was spent creating reports which should have been straightforward and easy to produce; however a number of their processes contained manual elements which were at risk of being forgotten; new users also had trouble learning the current processes.

Their current software needed improving and modifying to help save time, automate manual steps, and provide better business intelligence and reporting functions. Simplification of these processes would allow new users to easily learn these new processes.

Triangle’s experience allow us to improve, amend and custom their software which provided a streamlined process. Automation and inclusion of their manual processes into the system overhauled and improved their business reporting capability to allow quick and easy report creation. A new, cleaner interface helps users to better grasp how the system works, and changes to the way in which the system assigns energy usage patterns helped save time spent using the system.

This specialist software, is based around a database, with extensive management information reports and graphs.