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Case Study - Mobile Application - Gradus

Gradus, which started back in the 1960’s, evolved from a flooring accessories company. With over 300 employees serving both the UK and International markets, Gradus offers solutions for floorcoverings, barrier matting, wall protection and lighting design, in addition to a comprehensive range of stair edging and floor trim profiles.

Flooring still remains at the heart of their business, but part of their service offering now is not only accessories and coverings, but the construction of stairways – for which exact measurements are taken on site to ensure the most efficient use of materials during their manufacturing process.

When collecting stair and access measurements on site, Gradus staff used their knowledge and experience to try and satisfy the project from current stock, minimising wastage when cutting.

Internally Gradus used a software system to assist with cut optimisation, but this could only be used at their office, and outputs were not really suitable to show to third parties. The field technicians also use automated ‘Disto’ devices that recorded the measurements on-site, and when back in the office this information was linked and downloaded to a laptop.

“Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information.”

Gradus wanted a mobile application that could work in the field with their ‘Disto’ devices, record measurements, and connect back to the office to update HQ data,  analyse stock availability and then work out cut optimisation figures. The mobile application also needed to be able to quickly produce reports in a format suitable for giving to third parties such as contractors.

Triangle provided a suite of solutions which allowed field technicians to run a data collection application on their handhelds, so when their ‘Disto’ device was linked to the PDA it would record measurements into the data collection application automatically. This data was then transferred to an online system that was installed onto their field laptops or office computers and which synchronised data whenever connected, calculating cut optimisation figures. The bespoke system could then be used at the office to produce easily read reports for third parties, which were able to be emailed to contractors.

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