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We worked with Service Metals to develop a bespoke sales order processing system that includes sales order processing, purchase order processing, stock control, CRM and more. 

How does sales order processing benefit Service Metals?

Enhanced visibility

of the business cycle

Accurate reporting

of stock and sales data

Reduced duplication

through a unified system

About Service Metals 

Based in Leeds and established in 1976, Service Metals offers aluminium, sheet metal, commercial vehicle fittings and engineering components and delivers overnight with their own fleet.

Challenges with the existing software

Service Metal’s original system used an early version of Access which had then been upgraded. 

It suffered from two main problems: 

  1. the size of the database caused serious performance issues, with one example where the system took over a minute to update data; 
  2. information can only be entered after the event has taken place, meaning an increased workload, and no way to dynamically monitor figures such as sales or stock.

The Solution 

A bespoke sales order processing system

Triangle produced an application that was faster, more technically robust and provided greater data integrity.

The delivered system covered sales order processing, purchase order processing, stock control, CRM and some specialised modules.

The platform on which the solution was based, was a modern Microsoft-based solution which was compatible with their current hardware and provided advanced features.

The Results

More functionality and reduced duplication 

Duplication was reduced by merging all aspects of the currently used systems into one solution, and extending functionality. As well as flexibility for future expansion and development to account for any future growth of the company.

The stock and sales data could be monitored and reported on, within the business rules, and with an improvement to the overall visibility of the business cycle. 

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