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Automating process to improve operational efficiency | NTBS

We worked with NTBS to create a bespoke works order processing system based on their existing system. The new system needed to improve operational efficiency and aid business growth. 

How Works Order Processing software benefits NTBS

Improved processes

enables business growth


reduces duplicate data entry

Operational efficiency

saves valuable time

About Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services

Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services ( NTBS Ltd) was formed in 1987. It is a well established family run company that offers a complete breakdown service for commercial vehicles, including specialist roadside repair work for refrigeration units, hydraulics, tail-lifts and shutters. They also provide support services to other commercial vehicles such as fork lift trucks, and specialist shunt vehicles.

Operating from Denton, Manchester they provide support to any type, model or age of commercial vehicles, plus all special and ancillary equipment. The service includes roadside assistance and repairs ranging from mechanical to auto electrics. The company offers a “True Pay On Use Service” with coverage anywhere in the UK and 32 European countries.

They strive to deliver a service level you would expect when in need of speedy emergency roadside assistance, and at competitive rates. With helpful and knowledgeable staff at the end of a phone 24/7, they mobilise the nearest most competent agent to attend to your situation. Their target is to be in attendance within one hour, subject to traffic and weather conditions.

Their first and foremost consideration is to get the commercial vehicle mobile again safely, in the shortest possible time. If the roadside repair exceeds a previously agreed roadside cost limit, contact is made for authorisation to continue. If a recovery is required quotations can be obtained.

The Previous System

NTBS used a system called Telemagic to manage most aspects of their business. Shortfalls within the system were managed through a combination of excel spreadsheets and word documents. These were time-consuming workarounds and prevented business growth in other areas. 

Support for the system was none-existent and so it could not be extended or amended to keep up with changing business demands.

The Solution 

A Bespoke Works Order Processing System

NTBS needed a system based on current technology, fully supported and extendable to cover business areas on which the original system had fallen short, such as reporting and analysis tools and a customer web interface. 

Triangle worked with NTBS to develop a works order processing system with a modern user interface, based on current software and hardware platforms. The software replaced all previous functionality and added in new processes which the old software could not accommodate. The web interface was added to allow customers to track breakdown job information and print copies of their invoices. 

The Results

Accurate data entry, efficient processes & business growth

This helped release valuable time for NTBS staff, enabling them to work on expanding the business into other growth areas. Duplication of data entry was reduced and inefficient processes were simplified by new automated functionality and auto emailing.

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