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Triangle Software Applications Development

Triangle Software have services to suit all businesses. We have delivered top quality applications across public and private sectors in most industries.

Mobile software development

Handheld computers and mobile devices have come a long way. You can now truly use them as a real part of your integrated business systems.

Triangle has developed systems with mobile and PDA handheld devices that enable our clients to work more effectively. Whether scanning barcodes in remote locations and communicating information back to a central system, capturing information and using it to start processes involving other business functions –  removing the limitations of geography from business processes, all of which can help to improve your bottomline.

We can help you use handheld applications to automate remote and mobile workforce activities and introduce new efficiencies you never thought possible.

Legacy systems upgrades

Some businesses work on the philosophy that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Some just can’t face the mammoth task of replacing older systems.

But the risk to your business of obsolete technology can only get bigger with time. To the point when you simply don’t know when a system will fail or even if you are still getting the accurate information you used to rely on.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

You know you need to remove the risk of old and obsolete systems and applications and you now have a way to achieve it.

Triangle can guide you with a staged strategy to get your systems up-to-date and keep them there.

Database development
If your business data is spread all over the organisation, with manual links and multiple spreadsheets being the only way to keep things moving, a central database application will revolutionise your company.

With single points of entry for all data and fully integrated reporting for any business information you can make decisions in moments knowing the information is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable.

Triangle can help you rethink the way your company stores and uses data.

Reporting systems
Most businesses collect all kinds of data on their customers, sales, suppliers, purchases, staff, turnover, and profits. But very few have an easy-to-use way of turning all that data into real information.

With a Triangle reporting system you can see how your business is doing at the touch of a button, and drill into the numbers behind the picture. Whether it’s fixed regular reports, customised views to suit your business, or ad-hoc enquiries, you need to be able to make sense of the data.

Management Information (MIS) and Operational reports become second nature to you and your staff.

Triangle can make the most of your business information and take the guesswork out of crucial decisions.

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