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Business Functions and Applications

Triangle Software has developed custom and bespoke software for almost every business function. These are just some of the business problems we have solved.

Access control

Keele University uses an access control system developed by Triangle Software to manage all the doors on campus.

Behind the design is a complicated mixture of security and sensitivity. You need to let the right people through the right doors but cannot be letting rules keep an 18-year-old student out of their dorm block at night.

The Triangle access control application shares a card with other functions on the canvas such as the cashless vending, making it technically suitable for the solution and convenient for the users.

This was designed for the Keele University campus environment and in partnership with Keele is available to any similar organisation.

Triangle has developed a number of other applications for Keele University and would be happy to demonstrate any of these.


Every business has sales and purchases but there are hundreds of different ways to deal with these.

Triangle can help you develop a smooth process for both with full audit and reporting capabilities. You can have them integrated with stock control and accounting and even manage a complete distribution process with sales order and purchase order processing at its heart.

We can develop the right sales order and purchase order processing systems for any size of business. Your business is unique, so why isn’t your software?

‘Software that works with you, not against you.’

Contact management

CRM is an over-used acronym that has come to mean anything to do with contacts. It’s always a struggle to keep you suppliers, customers, staff, and other contact details in one place and track activity with each. Triangle has solved this problem for many clients with bespoke software developed just for their requirements.

We almost always integrate this with a crucial business process making sure that a CRM system isn’t all that’s delivered. They get real business improvement too.

Triangle can deliver software for managing your interaction with customers, suppliers, staff, and any other contacts.

Reporting and analysis
As businesses grow, the need for the right information to be available at the right time becomes more and more critical.

Triangle software has implemented many different reporting systems including Management Information Systems (MIS), production reporting, and day-to-day operational reports such as work-in-progress.

Let us use our experience to help you make sense of the data in your business with management and operational reports.

Mobile Application Software
Our merger in 2015 with KDO Software brings together the expertise and industry knowledge of KDO road and mobile software development and the product management and development skills of the Triangle Software team.

Working with clients including leading road marking companies like WJ and Wilson & Scott, in addition to other highways sector heavyweights such as HW Martin and Tarmac Trading, we are empowering businesses to improve efficiency with innovative software solutions and mobile application technologies.

Want to learn more? Contact us for more information.