Triangle Software


Software Development

Triangle Software have software development services to suit all businesses. We have delivered top quality applications across both public and private sectors in most industries.

Bespoke Development
One size often doesn’t fit all. Small to medium sized companies often think they cannot afford bespoke software even though it would help them manage their business better and make more profits.

Triangle can develop a system for you that takes into account your budget, but fits your priorities and frees you from restrictive off the shelf packages. When the application is built for you, you don’t pay for things you don’t need. And you can decide where the real savings and benefits are in your own business.

Differentiate your services using individual software development just for your business.

Internet integration
Once you have a website, you’re often left with a strange mixture of manual procedures to get sales orders into your office processes. That’s inefficient, slows you down and costs you money.

Triangle can help you with a completely integrated internet and back-office process. It needs to be efficient for you and seamless for your customers.

With online and back-office systems working together seamlessly you will keep your costs under control and serve your customers better.

Made-to-measure software
You can choose off the shelf software and probably save a little money in the short-term. But if that package does not let you work how you want to work, you must change to fit the software. And that makes your business the same as everyone else’s.

Triangle can design software for you to do business exactly the way you want to.

Web and Mobile development
Using the internet is not just about pretty marketing websites. It’s about extending your business so that you can reach more customers and interact better with your partners and suppliers. Triangle Software have a depth of experience in offering our clients true web and mobile development to improve their businesses.

You shouldn’t be fooled by companies making a quick profit offering a standard package with a bit of configuration, and passing it off as web development. You may have additional license fees to pay or may even unwittingly be in breach of a third party license, and you’ll probably not be able to find that company in a couple of years.

Triangle can help you interact with your customers, suppliers, or the general public with first class web software.