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Improving business performance

Triangle software development has services to suit all businesses. In the past 23 years, we have delivered top quality applications across both public and private sectors in most industries, by improving business performance and automating processes to improve our client’s bottom line.

Automating Processes – Operations
If your business is run on spreadsheets, and people constantly pass information to others to enter into different systems, automation could add thousands to your bottom line immediately.

The more duplicated processes you have the more certain it is that you will get errors – the time and effort that people are wasting is costing you money.

When Triangle Software automates a process, we look to improve the business performance of the operation and remove the risk. This makes your business more efficient and easier to run as well as saving you money.

You can get rid of work duplication and human error from your work processes with Triangle’s help.

“Smart data structures and dumb codes works a lot better than the other way round.”

Application support

We provide first class support for all our applications. But we don’t stop there.

Our clients have often asked us to pick up support for applications not built by Triangle. Their development company may no longer be around or may no longer provide the service they need.

Triangle’s experts will learn the system and then offer the same level of support we provide for our own developments.

We can offer top quality help-desk and support for software applications right across the business.

Systems integration
Applications and programs that talk to each other are vital in today’s automated businesses.

If you want to keep up with the competition you can’t be wondering if your sales order processing matches your invoicing, or if you’ve got enough stock to process your orders this month.

In fact, all your systems need to be integrated to give you the control you need.

Triangle can develop fully integrated bespoke systems for your business and make your systems talk to each other seamlessly.

Business analysis
Some development companies will simply install a piece of software, or worse, they’ll just automate a bad process.

When you develop new software for your business, you should look at your processes first. Really analyse the business, introduce efficiencies, and then start the automation process.

You’ll end up with the same investment you would have had anyway, but you’ll have an opportunity to add value in all areas of the business.

Triangle has extensive experience in improving our clients’ workflows and realising the maximum benefit from bespoke software development.

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