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Perhaps you’re just using your gut when you make decisions because you know you cannot get the information you need from your systems.

Or maybe it’s in there somewhere but you have no easy way of getting at it.

You are working in the dark

Does this sound like you:

You know you have the data but nobody knows how to get you it;
When one person is off work, the reports stop flowing;
You have to pull data from many different places every time you want to know anything;
You cannot answer ad-hoc questions about the business.
Or maybe you’ve devised clever ways to get round the problem:

Everybody keeps a lot of manual spreadsheets in addition to your normal systems;
You have your own Access database where everything gets re-entered;
You keep separate paper records and look everything up manually;
You just make informed guesses.
Triangle can solve the problem

If we could remove these problems from your business you would no longer have to guess. Your business decisions would be based on hard facts.

We can advise you of your options and help you put in place the reporting systems you need.


Why not give us a call or drop us an email. We’ve done it for others and we can do it for you. It costs nothing to discuss the problem so why wait?