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Specialist Industries And Applications

Triangle Software has developed specialist bespoke software in many industries and industry sectors.

These are just some of the business problems we have solved.

Bus stop panel printing
This application solved a number of problems for Nottingham City Transport, that are just as applicable to any municipal bus company.

They can now issue a new panel for any bus stop in the city at the touch of a button.

There’s no longer a lengthy manual process every time a route or schedule changes, and there’s even the added opportunity of adding advertising for their own services or additional revenue.

Although this software was designed for Nottingham City Transport (NCT) it is available to any municipal bus company and can be customised to your needs.

We have also created a number of other applications for NCT which we would be happy to demonstrate.

Business performance (KPI) management
We worked closely with a major player in the construction and quarrying industry to create a forward looking application to manage cost saving and productivity improvement initiatives across the business.

This software is very much at the heart of their resulting £15,000,000 cost savings each year.

It includes gap analysis reporting and an integrated project register to manage future initiatives. And it is fully customisable to suit any business. Any KPI can be configured for measurement and planning, right down to calculation of the metrics behind a KPI.

You can plan and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for improvement and cost savings in any medium sized company or larger organisation.

National Health Service (NHS) SARC
The Sexual Assault Response Centres (SARC) are specialist clinics in the NHS.

Triangle has created a software application that lets them gather all the different classes of data required without intruding on the sensitive patient interview or examination. This then provides the standard government reports and full analysis capability for the clinic.

The software has been live in the pioneering St Mary’s SARC in Manchester for a number of years and was adopted by the Liverpool PCT in 2009.

The Software was specifically designed for NHS SARC clinics but due to its modular construction can be adapted to suit any clinical environment.

Warehousing and distribution
Our client is in the entertainment products wholesale and distribution business.

They needed to be able to manage their customers’ stock in each of their outlets so that the maximum quantity of the right product was always on the shelf.

Triangle developed a fully integrated business system including in-store product scanning, automatic replenishment and sales orders, category management, and every aspect of warehousing including picking and scanning goods out and managing returns and goods-in.

They can now have an order shipping to a customer in as little as 2 hours after checking the stock of an individual store.

You can automate store replenishment or all your warehousing from goods in through picking and packing to despatch, or integrate the 2 processes for maximum efficiency.

Quarries and construction
Working with one of the major players in these sectors Triangle Software has created multiple applications that touch most points in the business.

As part of the health and safety initiative, our software helps manage the outcomes from incidents and the promotion of best practices across every site in the organisation.

We have also provided software to help manage a remote salesforce, to manage performance enhancing cost saving projects at all levels from production teams to senior management, and to measure downtime and production in a quarrying and building products environment.

We work closely with our client’s IT department and their central SAP platform. Our experience in this sector makes us an ideal partner.